The First Post There Ever Was

Hey party people!

Just a quick introduction on my part: my name's Alex Nowakowski (or Alex No on Facebook), I'm 18 years old from Los Angeles, California, and I'm starting as a freshman next year at University of California at Santa Cruz (I enjoy typing out the whole name because it makes me feel incredibly smart).

I'm starting this blog because, let's be honest, who WOULDN'T want to read the thoughts and daily adventures of an awkward clueless freshman? Besides that obvious answer, I'm also starting this blog because I love the idea of a creative outlet for me to let out my feelings and ideas. I had a diary from 7th-11th grade, but I soon outgrew the idea of writing in a purple journal with a white kitty on the front...shocker.

Anyways, I start school on September 16th. I have no FREAKING idea what to expect! I'm majoring in English Lit (for now), taking 3 classes, and pretty much just praying I don't lose my mind the first month! 
I had a squeaky-clean rep in high school, and I fully intend to keep it in college. Well, maybe not SQUEAKY clean ;) But I don't plan on becoming a raging whore. Although, that would make for a VERY interesting blog...

Anyways, don't let this poorly written blogpost deter you from reading my other posts (which will be much more exciting as college actually starts!) I'm still working on my blogging skills. It's harder than it looks...THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!

Did I mention I'm also incredibly immature?

Love love love,

Alex No
The Impatient College Freshman