Facebook + College

So, Facebook.

What's not to like about Facebook? It's great for stalking ex boyf-- I mean, great for keeping in touch with old friends. The ability to write on someone's wall, post a picture, or send a friend request is right at your fingertips. Which is why I was so stoked to find out that UC Santa Cruz had a page made especially for Incoming Freshman. Joining it meant I had access to hundreds of high school seniors who were in the exact same position as me! I began friending everyone I possibly could and messaging them like it was nobody's business.

But, almost 6 months after I found out I got into UC Santa Cruz, I feel weird about this whole Facebook thing. I've met some incredible people through Facebook, some who I really hope to be friends with in real life. But that's the thing. How can you be the exact person you are on Facebook in reality? On Facebook, I'm this sharp-tongued witty girl with a sassy attitude. In real life, I have my moments of wit and cleverness but for the most part I don't consider myself an especially sassy person.

Meeting people for the first time after you've spent months talking to them online is a tricky thing. I've done it before and it's been totally fine. But I can't imagine that I'll get along with everyone in person the way I've gotten along with them online! I feel like I've built this online persona that I may or may not be able to live up to!

I've added/been added by at least 100 future/present UCSC students on Facebook. Will I even SEE half of those people on campus?! Chances are, probably not. Unless I actually like you/am dying to become your BFF, I doubt I will make an effort to become friends with, example, an Astronomy major who lives on the other side of campus (I'm not talking about anyone specific here, so don't get your panties in a twist.)

I mean, I feel like Facebook has kind of robbed us of some of that fresh new college experience. Instead of entering a completely new universe with new strangers, we will be recognized by someone who we know as "our Facebook friend" in any given situation. In the library. In your dorms. In the dining hall. It kind of freaks me out, to be honest! I'm known by hundreds of people who, like I said before, I will probably never say two words in real life to. Call me paranoid, but doesn't it creep you out to know that during any point of the day, you could be called out as, "Hey, we're friends on Facebook, right?"

Basically the point of this post is that I kind of wish I hadn't involved myself so much in this Facebook + College Universe. Now I feel like I have to be Cool Alex in real life, which admittedly I am not. Great.

So to all my Facebook friends/future friends out there: sorry if I'm lame in real life.

And to the girl/guy who posts on the UCSC wall a million times a day: GET A LIFE.



  1. Unfortunately, I think this is true. When I was a freshman, Facebook wasn't as big as it is today (hard to believe now that there was a time when Facebook didn't rule the world). I didn't know any of the incoming freshmen. I wasn't "friend"-ing everyone I saw that was accepted. We didn't even have an "Incoming Student" page. Which forced us to actually go out and meet people..the old fashioned way. Facebook definitely has made a lot of things easier, but it really does take away a huge aspect of meeting people in the real world. =/ And it definitely creeps me out when the freshmen in my group (I'm a fall OL) recognize me from an obscure comment I made on a post 2 months ago.
    But it's great to know that you are already meeting amazing people. Stick with a plan of actually meeting them. I'm sure you're not that lame (:

  2. It is so true! I just wish I hadn't invested so much time into this Facebook thing. I feel like some of my pre-college jitters have been lost because, oh hey, I know who half of the kids in my dorm are, ya know? I agree, it IS easier to get a question answered because of FB but at the same time I'm going to not get that excitement that college freshman like, 5 years ago had.

    Ooo you're an OL?! Who are you?

  3. Good post! Amen.