The Shopping Trip... FROM HELL!!!

Before this point in my life I thought nothing could be more stressful than getting a zit the day of Prom, studying for a test when a new episode of Glee is on, or finding the perfect pair of black boots.

I have been sorely mistaken.

Dorm shopping is by far the most irritating and time-consuming process I have ever endured! You would think it's easy: pick up the basics and a few decorations and you're done! I thought it would be a one-day process....but who KNEW there were so many freaking colors and patterns of comforters? And your comforter kind of has to match with everything ELSE in your room! 

I used to love Target but now I look at it with scorn. How DARE they have such well-stocked aisles?! And how dare I not be able to purchase every single thing in that damn store? I also have no idea how big my dorm room is and what not, how much closet space I have, and so on! Luckily I'm in a single so I don't have to worry about invading my roommate's personal space, which is a plus...but then again, it makes things even HARDER because there is no limit to what I can buy. Well, there is a limit, and it's called "my wallet"....but, pshh, that limit can be extended by a lil' something I call "emergency credit card from Dad". 

I want to be that girl with the really freaking awesome dorm that everyone wants to hang out in! My room right now at home is never open to guests partially due the fact that even HazMat could not properly clean it, but ALSO due to the fact that it's pretty lame! I have no posters up on my walls, my bedspread looked like it came out of Better Home and Gardens, and my bulletin board is, for some reason, behind my desk....because I apparently felt that it belonged there. 

So when I found out I was getting a single dorm room, I was like, "Hell yeah!" because I could finally decorate my room so I feel super cool.


Well, college starts next Friday and I still feel like I'm missing half of the necessities I need...yet I have an alarm clock, an iPod dock that tells time AND a wall clock...hello redundancy! 

I don't want to unpack all my stuff on move-in day and realize, my bad, I forgot something super important. But I'm not going to college in the middle of the Kansas prairies, so I'm sure I'll be able to buy  whatever I need.

I just want my room to be super awesome. Because, maybe if it's awesome, it will stay clea- HAHAHAHA, sorry, couldn't even finish that statement. 

Thanks for reading!

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